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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Right, wrong, context?

So today in The Australian Janet Albrechtsen reckons that the media is biased against the US in the Iraq war, and as a result has paid more attention to the actions of the US guard at Abu Ghraib than the actions of the hooded murderers of Nick Berg.

Janet, like Newt before her, has missed the fundamental point in the whole thing. Its possible that the people behind Jared's conspiracy have missed it too.

The point is this, we know all of us that the people behind Saddam's regime and al-qaida and its ilk are evil murderous bastards. Its because of this that the US's actions of the last few years have been (with some criticism) accepted by the world's "civilised" community. America doesn't need help proving this, maybe I am unique but, disturbing as I found the beheading of Nick Berg, it wasn't a surprise, its how we expect terrorists to behave.

We don't expect the kind of behavior that some US prison officers displayed from the protector of freedom and democracy. That is the context that Janet misses, you can only hold the moral high ground for as long as your actions (and the actions of your representatives) maintain your moral position.

The violence in Abu Ghraib deserves the attention its getting because it is against our expectations maybe we set higher standards for the US, but they set those standards for themselves and must now face them. I don't think the US, or their sycophants, can expect those standards to be dropped because they been discovered not meeting them.

Maybe we should be more concerned that a young man was murdered in cold blood but, disturbing as it is, that was the action of a group of people who have already publicly denounced the moral standards represented by the articles in documents such as the Geneva Conventions and the Bill of Rights. The issue is however that the protectors of the ideals enshrined in those documents have sunk to the level of those they are fighting against.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Losing It?

So this morning i work out that really cool song, which I've heard on the radio for months and is featured on disc 2 of James Lavelle's new GU mix (thanks to a friend, who burnt the same disc of the 2 cd set twice for me) is actually the chemical brothers... I can't believe i didn't know that, or work it out...

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Mr Gingrich has been afforded some opinion space in the Australian today arguing against the upper echelons of the US Government being held accountable for the actions of the Guards at the Abu Ghraib prison. Newt reckons that the arab media have double standards because they are having a go at the US for doing stuff which other arab leaders do without getting in trouble from the Arab media for. He reckons this is unfair.

What Newt doesn't appear to have worked out is that if the US want to wage war on these evil dictators like Sadaam that the Arab Media allow to get away with murder, on the grounds that these evil dictators are murderers and torturors then the US is to be judged on the US's standards of appropriate behaviour and not the Arab dictators standard. For the US to expect otherwise would be to be applying their own double standards, but don't point this out to Newt, it might hurt his brain a bit too much.