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Monday, August 23, 2004

Song 1 Revolution - The Beatles

This one starts the list as it is the first memory I have of choosing music for myself.

At some point in my early years I (well me and my siblings) came in possession of a 45rpm-phonograph player and a collection of my Mum or Dad's small collection of 45s. In this collection was a copy of Hey Jude which my mum had brought when it came out. Hey Jude, along with Sgt. Peppers and Tommy, was one of the few decent records that could be found at my house in my parent's extremely dodgy record collection (which included such wonderful albums as Hammond a Go-Go and Hooked on Bach as well as a bunch of Barbara Streisand records).

It may not reflect well on my ability to appreciate "good" music, but I spent very little time listening to Hey Jude (too much nah nah nah-ing for me). However I think we wore that little bit of vinyl out none the less. The reason was the b-side, Revolution, which was far more rocking and far more exciting to listen to (particularly when sped up to 75 rpm, despite the chipmunk effect on John's voice).

It's really only in thinking about including this song in the list that I've realised how important the fairly unconscious choice I made back then was. The choice between the (safe) pop of Hey Jude and the edgier rock of Revolution was repeated through most of the musical choices I've made throughout the years (with some notable and slightly embarrasing exceptions).

It might be drawing a long bow, but this early choice between a Paul McCartney song and a John Lennon one could explain why I prefer listing to music from bands more influenced by the Plastic Ono Band than those influenced by Wings.


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