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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Song 9 The Streets - Weak Become Heroes

This is not in order, or even planned. This joins the list today because it has done something to me over the last couple of days. This song excites me, and that is what this whole business is about really. This song a perfect example of the immediate effect of a tune you love. It’s the one you can't stop playing over and over again when you first hear it. Mike Skinner is a shit rapper, he can’t rhyme and his mitre is all messed up, but The Streets are wickedly mesmerising, and lyrically clever. The tracks he’s rapping over are mostly garage inspired pretty minimal ditties but they swing from 90s Britpop guitar to rolling D’n’B sounds and they all fit in together pretty smoothly.

I really met this song when my brother burnt me a copy of A Grand Don’t Come For Free (their second album) and put this track on the end to fill it up. It’s a album which is much more than a collection of songs, but a full narrative of a young man’s relationship with a new girlfriend and the rest of his mates and the realisation through that experience of how the world works. It’s touching, angry, amusing and uplifting, but above all it’s really, really clever.

The reason for choosing Weak Become Heroes above all the tracks of Mike’s Hip Hopera is this song speaks to me about something I went through. Around the turn of the century I encountered the world of house music, ecstasy, and all night dancing. Weak Becomes Heroes almost encapsulates my memories of the period. The names, numbers and the places may not be but the experience is the same. The people you met and how you thought you were all alike, you all got "it" you were all somehow enlightened and like the overwhelming cliché of the experience, you worked out the next morning that most of you didn't, or that the "it" they were talking about was a completely different things than what you meant... but despite the rough you did find some gems, some people who you really gelled with, who didn't so much think the same as you, but asked a lot of the same questions you did. You may not all do it all the time anymore, but you still share that excitement, as often a whole lot of other stuff as a result.

Hearing Weak Becomes Heroes reminds me of those friends, the ones I see everyday and those that fortune has scattered to the corners of the globe, and that knowing them has made my life a better place to be.

It’s also about how much happiness a simply little piano loop can bring and about how positive an experience finding a new song you like can be. Leaving out the memories that this song generated in me, the reason Weak Become Heroes on the list is because it is the latest version of falling in love with music, and as this list is essentially a homage to old loves I think that it’s fitting to include it.


  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger mister z said…

    good 32 entry. good enough that I might even listen to the song in question... and as you know when its the Streets that's not something I do readily!


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