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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I like sensible people...

it appears that from time to time Emma Tom can be one...

I've been seeing these stupid drug adds on TV and I have been annoyed at their patronising tone and complete irrelevance to the reality of the majority of illicit drug use I have ever been in contact with. The worst are the secondary adds which show these perfect little families sitting around the TV talking about how drugs are so much worse these days and the kids sounding like the inside of anti drug pamphlets. I'm in my 30th yeat and things may have changed a great deal since I was at school but the majority of kids I knew (even those who had great relationships with their parents) didn't act like that, it is completely unrealistic and because of that, close to completely useless.

We have been told in numerous fashions over the years to "just say so" and this latest scare campaign is nothing different. The impression I get is that, as a whole, we are saying Yes a whole lot more than ever. Just spend a saturday night out in any nightclub and the number of people obviously under the influence of drugs is quite astounding.

It isn't working, yet they keep spending the money on a message that isn't going to get through and as a result kids who aren't listening to that message will take drugs and many will find the experience a positive one. Some however will be hurt by the experience. Those kids won't have been helped by the money spent on these adds, they may even be more susceptible to harm by keeping it a secret because they've been shown its bad.

That money spent on drug education, on telling kids "if you are going to do this ensure that you protect yourself by..." much the same as encouraging the use of condoms rather than enforcing celibacy, might actually save the future socceroo from his date with the body bag. It might not, but its probably more likely to that telling him "just say no".