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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I am not sure that I should be doing this...

After all it kind of works against the serendipity that caused the phenomenon in the first place but it made me look at google in a whole new light. I've been getting a bit jack of the ubiquitous search engine of late, particularly as using it to look for any information on anything seems to continually rock up with people trying to sell me something.

Maybe I've judged it too harshly as it appears that google has enabled one of the most beautiful and inspirational collective experience I've ever heard of. It appears that a little while ago on an internet message board a person posted "I am lonely, will anyone speak to me". This is in itself a little strange, but the outcome of this one strange little act was something quite significant. It appears the particular message board had been google optimised and as a result anyone typing "I am lonely" into google would get this message thread. A lot of people are looking to google to help them with loneliness as the thread grew to over 100 pages and thousands of messages, the majority of which were sharing the same feelings as well as ways to deal with it.

Its kind of sad that people went looking on google to try and overcome their loneliness, but its kind of cool that some of them found each other in doing so.

As for me posting on it, I think that as The New Yorker and The Guardian had already done so I felt adding my limited readership to theirs would not have much affect but might let a few of you in on what for a significant length of time was one pretty special shared secret.


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