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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Someone should tell the English...

... that Ketamine is a drug for horses... after all if the denizens of melbourne's revolver can work it out, anyone should be able to...


  • At 8:37 PM, Blogger mister z said…

    the way the story was written up on page 3 of the guardian during the week was actually slightly disturbing.

    a lot of cover about its increased popularity, how it was providing clubbers with a more trippy (albeit less ambulatory) experience. but in the whole story, there was not one mention of possible damage, downsides, consequences/likelihood of OD, or side effects of taking the drug. none, bar comments along the lines of "a high dose of K will put people in the K-hole and they won't be able to dance".

    if i wasn't as old and wise as I am now.. ok, maybe just old... I can see lots of non-K-using party people coming away from this article thinking that it sounds like a bit of all right.

    its one thing to make sure you're not doing "drugs kill children!!!!" reportage but for me this was a pendulum swing a bit too far the other way.


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